Nine animal husbandry Wang Men's clothing industry: a single product to the serialization of goods breakthrough

Not long ago, by the All China Business Information Center and the China Chamber of Commerce hosted the "2011 annual results of China's market sales statistics results press conference," the nine animal husbandry Wang, Lee Lang, Septwolves, Rimula, Qipai brand in men's trousers, men's windbreaker, jacket , Men's business casual and other national markets accounted for first-class sales of similar products - of which nine animal husbandry king men's trousers, men's casual business ranked first. Chen Lin, industry observer, said: "Whether it is in the CCTV and other media exposure, or by the third-party industry statistics market share, Min sent men have become the new men's domestic first-line brand." Forge ahead minfu men Seems not satisfied with the "new front brands" achievements, there are indications that they have taken the step into the big names. In 2012, the development of China's men's clothing has begun to go international, and the typical representative of this is the old man who once swept the country with a pair of trousers. From single product to commodity series of breakthroughs carefully than the development and rise of the min faction men, you can find a "unified" path: pre-focus strategy to obtain a leading position in a single product, and then use a single product to bring the whole brand development of. Min sent men have their own flagship product, such as the nine animal husbandry Wang pants, seven wolves and Rimula jackets, Lee Lang's windbreaker, the brand of Chinese collar and so on. To nine animal husbandry, for example, since its inception, it has been focused on men's pants research and development, production and sales, and in 2000 became the king of China's market segments. It is amazing that from 2000 to 2011, twelve years, the nine animal husbandry Wang firmly occupy the domestic men's pants category market leader. The success of Jiuyang Wang stems from the insistence and dedication of Seiko, which advocates Seiko fashion boutique philosophy, exquisite workmanship, fine workmanship, with high-quality products for the interpretation of the charm of the elite men. Product serialization, it is not a simple extension of categories, but a systematic project. In fact, as early as 2001, the animal husbandry king has launched a series of "men's trousers as the core, men's suits, casual dress for the two wings" series of men's strategy extension. Product serialization refers to a series of product planning, design, composition, ordering and terminal rendering, so that the style of each product line is clear, through the stage of the goods and the combination of display so that the store goods structure is reasonable, with brand promotion, complete sets, series sales , To achieve continuous improvement of single store performance. In 2010, the animal husbandry King hired "China celebrity custom master", "China's top ten designers", known as "Queen's Designer," Ms. Zhao Yufeng as chief designer. The designer from Shanghai Institute of Fashion came out in the Yokohama Fashion Design Competition, the first Shanghai International Fashion Festival respectively won the gold medal; as early as 1989, Zhao Yufeng on the same stage with the French designers release atmospheric fashion show was Known as the domestic brand designer "first person." Nine animal husbandry King from the company's strategic guiding ideology "breakthrough series of products" began, from the planning, design of the source, toward the serialization of products, take a firm step forward. In the min-faction men's clothing, Lilang relies on the acting artist Chen Daoming's endorsement. The concept of "simple but not simple" has made rapid progress. The spring and summer 2008 brand men launched three different product line features, product serialization to further enhance the level. Information to enhance competitiveness With the rapid development of commercial and technological progress in modern society, enterprise information has become an important support for enterprises to enhance market competitiveness and achieve sustainable development. Through the establishment of an information management platform, "four-in-one" of logistics, information flow, capital flow and work flow can be realized to achieve highly integrated information, enhance operational efficiency and provide accurate information for business decision-making. From IBM to PLM, and then to ERP, King of Joy in the information construction of the road also draw a beautiful arc. In September 2009, Joyoung joined hands with IBM to build a benchmarking supply chain for the Chinese men's clothing industry. The project increased the replenishment share of Joyoung and boosted the inventory turnover rate. In July 2011, the JV Project PLM project was launched at its Xiamen Operations Center. In February 2012, the first phase of the project was successfully launched. Zhang Tielong, Director of Jomindan Wang Information Center, said: "Jiuyang Wang has become the first enterprise to launch PLM system for business and leisure men in China. The project introduced the management measures of surface materials and accessories, development of placeholders and color management to realize the product data management of the development process" . This project will help Joyoung significantly reduce product development cycles and reduce development costs. March 2012, nine animal husbandry Wang ERP project started. Nine pastoral king has foresight, science and information technology as a "business path to the future of the road to success." According to Mr. Lin Congying, Chairman of JiuMin Wang, "The ERP project is roughly divided into three phases. The first phase mainly focuses on the integration of integrated supply chain platform and financial business. The second phase is through the sorting and optimization of the channel management process. Marketing and supply chain linkage, and finally to further expand the extension of information management platform to achieve customer relationship management, deepen human resources management, to achieve a comprehensive budget. "Nine animal husbandry Wang meticulous preparatory six months ahead of schedule for the start of the ERP project has laid a solid foundation. After years of informatization construction, Jiuhunwang has formed a new integrated mode relying on information management platform and laid the foundation of a hundred-year brand. Channel mode upgrade In the Chinese market, Zegna, HUGO BOSS, Armani and other international men's big names from urban expansion to rural areas line. They enter the Chinese market, directly into the first-line market, with its solid strength and industry experience, after several years of groping firm, fought in the second and third line market, showing the strategic forces of channel mode. Interestingly, Nike, Adidas and other sporting goods industry, the international big names, also take a similar model in China, "swept the ground." Min sent men in the king, the pastoral king than the international big-name earlier adopted a "from the central to local" channel model. Nine animal husbandry king early channel to develop the development of key shopping centers in the city, after years of accumulation in the mall established a strong, unique competitive advantage, is currently China's business casual men's brand has the most shopping mall terminals brand. With the advantages of shopping malls channels, Joyoung King in the international brands gathered in the first and second-tier market come to the fore. In 2011, the animal husbandry king formulated the strategy of "actively expanding the channels to the second and third tier markets with great potentials" and supported the company's entire business chain of product development, production and logistics, brand marketing, sales management, finance, human resources and IT in the market development of. As of the end of 2011, Nine Animal Husband King has more than 3,000 terminal stores, shopping malls and stores basically the same. Second, third-tier market has become the other Min-faction men's "base." However, do they take into consideration that after the international men's big names (including the Nine Mui King) have taken a firm stand in the first and second tier markets, they will "sink their channels" to the second and third tier markets. While they are doing a good job of defensive work, do they want to attack the front-line market? At any rate, they have reached the point where they should upgrade their original channel model. One of them is that the family business atmosphere is still relatively strong. They are clearly aware of some "deficiencies" and have introduced various types of talents from the outside to gradually establish a sound management system for professional managers. Team system. Unique and pragmatic concept and mechanism of employment, to attract outstanding professional managers to join, rooted in nine animal husbandry and Wang. According to Mr. Lin Congying, "It is one of my key tasks to build a platform for outstanding professional managers to exert their talents and release energy. The values ​​of Jiuyang Wang Talent are: long-term employment, Up to the wishes of. "Nine animal husbandry Wang adhere to the principle of both ability and political integrity, the character, knowledge, ability and performance as a measure of the comprehensive standard of qualified personnel," not only academic qualifications, not only qualifications heavy performance, "This is the nine animal husbandry king in business operations The concept of talent has been believed in the development process. With wisdom, refined well-known Mr. Lin Cong-ying's "shepherd animal husbandry world" cultural concept, widely circulated in the industry. With this cultural system, Joyoung King succeeded in creating a "warm home" and attracted many excellent professional managers to take root. When asked how to deftly avoid the "introduction of foreign financial elite Fascinated by the" case, he answered in simple two words: tolerance. Joyoung King convinced that the secret of successful operation lies in the successful operation of the heart, the heart of the people, that is, the direction of the business. How far away from China's clothing brand from the world A survey of brand clothing from professional survey data shows that 53.3% of consumers in China prefer clothing brands abroad, tend to domestic brands accounted for only 16.7%, foreign brand performance A strong brand-name attitude. Since the birth of the brand, the purpose is to identify the product or service of a seller or a group of sellers by means of a name, term, mark, symbol or design, or a combination of these, which is the brand Attributes, names, packaging, price, history, reputation, advertising invisible sum. When the inherent attributes of the brand, accepted by people, recognized by consumers, the brand will become the object of competing people to become well-known brand, and then to the world. Chinese clothing is not a lack of brand, but there is no real world brand. However, judging from the trend of Chinese men's clothing in 2012, the Chinese brand represented by JiuHuang Wang has begun to exert its force. The process of brand remodeling is also a change in the overall concept, and this process for Lin Cong-ying, is also very painful, "If you will carefully find: the internationally renowned clothing brand is not only selling the name, but to give you a name Behind the 'legend'; let you accept their long cultural heritage, to tell you a beautiful brand story, to show his unique brand personality ... When you think of all this wonderful things in your mind, wear clothing is the value But we have a long way to go in order to do that. "The economy of a country without a good brand is a passive national economy. The nation without a good person is a passive nation. Admittedly, in the global economic integration Brand leadership era, the clothing is a special kind of goods, no brand can not talk about competitiveness. China is producing more and more products for companies all over the world, but what we get is only the name of "world factory" .When western culture increasingly affects our life, as western fashion is becoming synonymous with Chinese fashion When will Chinese clothing become a world brand? This is a question for Lin Chung-ying and all the Chinese entrepreneurs who are interested in leaping to big international names.

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