Observation: Practical "lighting" to move towards fashion "lighting"

With the development of the times, people's pursuit of beauty has changed from practical to enjoyable environment and the resulting atmosphere. Lamps have changed from traditional functional lighting to decorative and beautifying functions. People's aesthetic standards have changed from luxury to luxury. Simple and natural. At the Beijing Lighting Exhibition, when many exhibitors showed their magical functions to promote functional lighting products, one company's styling lamps and lanterns products were particularly eye-catching. This company is Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Factory Co., Ltd.
At Qilang's booth, there are honeycomb-shaped lamps, some hanging in the air, some on the ceiling, and some scattered across the wall, like a huge honeycomb. According to Tang Xiaohua, the head of Qilang Lighting Beijing Office, this is the newly launched honeycomb series lamps of Qilang this year, including chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, etc. This series of lamps uses the honeycomb as a creative prototype, and the designer will be a bee. Compared to a clever architect, it builds a hexagonal house, like a small villa, beautiful and refined, just like people's attachment to home, full of infinite wisdom and love, this is the designer's endowment to this series. The meaning of the luminaire.
The biggest feature of the honeycomb series lamps is that they can be freely DIY, adjust the height of the lamps at will, and place them at random for various occasions. For the price of this luminaire, Tang Xiaohua said that depending on the size of the luminaire, there are hundreds to tens of thousands, and the product has no advantage in price. This is because the positioning of Qilang lighting is in the middle and high-end market, using the best material. And the process, the honeycomb series lamps are made of aluminum and crystal glass lampshades. The aluminum materials have good heat dissipation, ductility and oxidation resistance in the LED lamps. The whole welding process of the lamps is also very particular. This series of lamps is a typical modern style. For young people, it is a good choice to get rid of the cumbersome pressure of the cause and let them return to a relaxing space.
Lighting is not the same as the lighting interview. For Qilang's uniqueness, Tang Xiaohua gave a concept of lamps and lighting. The design idea of ​​the luminaire focuses on the practical function of lighting, seldom considers the decorative function, the shape is simple, the structure is firm, the surface treatment is not pursuing gorgeous, but the protective layer is durable. The luminaire is only equipped for the light source and serves as a basic device for people's lighting functions.
The design of the lighting not only focuses on the artistic shape, but also considers that the lamp type, color, light and environment style are coordinated and mutually set off to achieve the effect of the light and the environment. The investment in the finished product of the luminaire for the decorative function is several times or even several times higher than the cost of the basic lighting function.
Therefore, lighting and lighting are like the difference between the 80s and a 21st century. The practical and economical benefits of lighting are simply used for lighting. The so-called lighting is a higher level of things, and the pursuit of good decoration. The effect, beautiful and unique appearance, is loved by home decoration and interior designers. Combining the practicality of lighting and the art of lighting, it fully integrates the classics of all parties, keeps pace with the times, and combines with the trend, which is the development direction of Qilang Lighting.
Taking the industry's differentiated route, we have been imitated. From this sentence, we can see that Qilang has been leading the industry in lighting design and research and development. According to Tang Xiaohua, Qilang has always insisted on the original design as the top priority and adhered to the industry differentiation route. In lighting design, it is not satisfied with the traditional simple style, maintaining the design concepts and technologies of fashion frontiers in Europe, Italy, France, Germany, etc., integrating the aesthetic concepts of different regions, designing innovative regions, pursuing innovation in the field of technology, in the field of design. To create harmony, the product is avant-garde, simple and not simple, to fill the product with fun and charm.
For Qilang's product design and R&D team, Tang Xiaohua said that Qilang has design centers in Europe, Italy, France, Spain and other European countries. It has a team of well-known foreign designers and always maintains an international design vision. And with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design, Tsinghua University and other universities to establish a domestic design center to cultivate Qilang domestic designer team. It is Qilang's investment and persistence in design. Since 2006, Qilang has been participating in the 8th Guzhen International Lighting Fair to participate in the fine gold and silver awards. It has become the first lighting company to win the Best Fixing Fixture Design Award and the British Lighting Design Award of the Year in the history of Birmingham International Lighting Fair.

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