Paddy children's clothing to teach you to understand the characteristics of children's wear fabrics

Children's wear as a brand of children's clothing Yantai specializes in children's wear, now we introduce the characteristics of children's wear fabrics: children's wear fabrics and style requirements more stringent than adults: fabrics and accessories more and more emphasis on natural, environmental protection, for children's skin and body characteristics, Cotton, natural colored cotton, wool, fur and other innocuous fabrics; style is the pursuit of fashion, sequins, embroidery, flared legs, lotus leaf and other popular elements in children's wear design are reflected. Adult is reflected in the solid color, dark clothing has increased, the style of adult clothing to follow the fashion trends, or fashion mature or simple generous, reflecting the "aristocratic leisure." In addition, a lot of clothing is a miniature adult clothes, if enlarged to adult size, 20-year-old young people can wear. Here, we sincerely look forward to all the friends came to discuss cooperation, we look forward to your joining!

Women Shapewear

We are a professional manufacturer of women's shapewear, we have different kinds of shape wear, such as women's corset, women's suspender, Body Shaper, they are fashionable, comfortable and high quality. We have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery. If you want it all-comfort, good quality and nice style-welcome to our shop! 

Women Shapewear

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