Pipeline venting valve patented technology

Pipeline emptying valve technology, Advantages: From the top of the tank to install, emptying the valve itself structure does not exist leakage hazards; valve installed in the tank, the use of hot water tank for the valve body insulation; pipe without cold water, the valve is hot Water; Sheung Shui from emptying valve open or closed limit, open the tap water to the water, emptying the valve at the closed state, tap water can enter the tank from the vent, the use of more convenient. The utility model has the advantages of advanced technology, simple structure, stable and reliable performance, trouble-free operation, low production cost and safe and convenient use. The technology has been national patent, patent number: ZL02206977.1.

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Operated under ISO 9001:2015 management system, We had passed factory Audit by Walmart, Taret, Disney ect, also passed all necessary certificates and testing such as ICTI, BSCI, SEMTA,Target FA, NBC Universal, FCCA, SGS, CVS Security, GSV, Disney FAMA ect. We have our own PVC raw materials manufacturing company, all the PVC we produced are compliance with European EN71, American ASTM standard and NON PHTHALATE (6P) standard.

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Air Bed/Mattress

Inflatable Bed,Inflatable Mattress,Air Bed,Air Mattress

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