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Nowadays, parents pay more and more attention to the health of their children, so parents buy lots of health products for their children to improve their diet. And exercise, as the best way to enhance children's resistance to disease has been ignored by parents. In fact, more exercise can not only increase the weight of children's health, it also enhance the mental development of children and mental health helpful. Can be seen, parents in order to curtail children's activities for less cumbersome. So what's the benefit of exercise in the end? What kind of sportswear is really suitable for children? Physical activity is healthy, there is absolutely medical basis. According to statistics, more exercise can strengthen the heart, increase flexibility, increase muscle, regulate our lung capacity. At the same time, exercise can improve people's moods, eliminate sleep depressions and annoyances and psychologically reduce the pressure on the body's immune system. Clinical data show that most patients with cancer depression or emotional trauma. For them, regular deep breathing, walking or running, soft exercise, stretching exercises, swimming, cycling or taking part in group exercises can bring them pleasure and joy, which can help to reduce tension, reduce depression, Improve self-image. Foreign doctors compared the movement to "mild anti-depression" and called it "Western-style Qigong." Life is movement! Movement is universal, there is no age limit, there is no level of division. r100 juvenile equipment located in central Europe, Germany is a rigorous and realistic, advocating sports country, has a long tradition of sports, has always attached importance to physical education. From Germany r100 fashion sportswear, adhering to this excellence, the pursuit of excellence in sports ideas, is committed to creating an international professional sportswear / children's wear. Previous sportswear gives the feeling of very professional, except when exercising, usually do not seem appropriate to wear, it seems too much emphasis on exercise comfort while ignoring the aesthetic design, does not meet the requirements of modern children's wear. Derived from the German r100 breakthrough traditional theory, with a variety of ergonomic principles of unique tailoring, combined with various elements throughout the optical innovation to enhance visual highlights, breaking the traditional sports apparel fabric selection and layout design on the plain . Fabric selection of environmentally friendly, with quick-drying moisture absorption function of ultra-light fabrics, highlighting the color with a "bright" texture of the luster, to convey a "happy movement" fashion concept. In addition to take into account the professionalism of sportswear, daily life, r100 sportswear fashion sense for many people like. Since entering the Chinese market in 2008, r100 fashion sportswear has gone through four years of hard work and steady growth. Accompanied by the splendid leap in sports in China, today's r100 has become the leading brand of apparel industry in China. r100 based on professional design and development capabilities, follow the trend of dynamic, establish fashion coordinates, for every sports-loving children to create a unique, distinguished fashion style.

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