Rotary drying equipment development 5 major trends

Although rotary dryer equipment manufacturers have gradually realized their own deficiencies, a series of upgrading and transformation requires companies to make more capital investment. This requires companies to change their concepts, establish long-term development concepts and develop feasible goals and plans.

China's drying equipment is less than half the price of the same foreign products; on the other hand, due to the large volume of drying equipment, most of them involve on-site installation, commissioning and after-sales service. Therefore, for domestic users, a good choice of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers can ensure that your equipment runs more reliably, and it is more energy-efficient and long-term operation.

The simple price advantage is no longer obvious. Therefore, drying equipment companies also need to move out of price competition and move toward practicing internal strength. Focus on product structure optimization, product quality improvement, core technology mastery and innovation as well as the expansion of corporate brand influence. Of course, for this purpose, drying equipment companies also need to make scientific estimates of their future input-output ratios based on their own circumstances, so that they can invest selectively and make gradual transitions.

Efficiency is also the key to the development of an enterprise. The drying equipment industry wants to take a intensive development path and increase efficiency is inevitable. Enterprises need to continuously improve the level of corporate management, improve the overall effectiveness of management, and rationally optimize the structure of the department to avoid the waste of human resources and time, while optimizing the internal competition mechanism and improving the professional quality of employees. On the other hand, drying equipment companies may try high-tech operations, vigorously develop computer network engineering, and improve operating efficiency through the improvement of office tools.

As long as the drying equipment industry really takes the intensive development path and strives for low-input, high-output business goals, it is inevitable that the drying equipment industry in China will be significantly improved.

From the prediction report of the development prospects of China's drying equipment industry from 2014 to 2018, it is understood that compared with foreign developed countries, there is still a big gap between China's current drying equipment production. However, the advantages of domestically-manufactured equipment are being gradually established, and the domestic market has basically been dominated. Vacuum drying equipment will become the mainstream of market demand, China's desiccant industry must significantly increase the level of technology, improve drying efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and contribute their own strength to achieve green production.

In the future, there are five major trends in rotary dryers:

The first is the comprehensive application of several forms of heat transfer. The advantages of various heat transfer modes are made available at different stages of drying, so that the drying equipment can be used more reasonably.

The second is that the equipment will grow to large scale. Any production has the best economic scale, and the amplification technology of drying equipment can guarantee large-scale production. Therefore, the large-scale research of equipment is one of the development directions in the future.

Third, drying equipment will be dedicated. Drying equipment is a non-standard equipment, the reason why non-standard equipment is mainly deal with the material properties and product requirements vary greatly, so there is a true right design of drying equipment can play its role, from technology to the economy have a certain significance.

Fourth, it will tend to develop multi-stage and combined drying systems. Different types of drying equipment can be applied to different materials or can be applied to different drying stages of the materials. Combined drying can maximize the optimization of the drying process and make the drying system more reasonable.

Fifth, equipment will be multifunctional. At present, the drying equipment is not only limited to the drying operation, but sometimes the comminution, grading and even heating reactions are collected in one machine, which greatly shortens the production process flow and makes the equipment more versatile.

After a long period of development, China's drying equipment has accumulated a certain amount of experience. When exploring the new development path of drying technology, comprehensive consideration must be given to energy efficiency, environmental protection, and product quality in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development. To implement the development strategy of high efficiency and green drying, we must first take the path of resource-saving development, and change the single extensive drying into a combination and intelligent drying. In addition, the government should establish and improve comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for drying equipment, establish macro-control and market regulation mechanisms, and accelerate the upgrading of drying technologies. The market demand promotes product innovation, and the drying equipment industry is committed to the research and development of new products. The future development prospects are immeasurable.

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