Rowing style men's brand HAZZYS settled in Chengdu Wangfujing

Rowing originated in the United Kingdom, rowing and other sports is that it paddles the action itself, so only people experience to feel the fun and the kind of fun dripping feeling. This property of rowing also determines the HAZZYS is the spirit of Rowing with clothing, giving the dress romantic and passionate, mix and match a unique natural fresh. With cricket, polo, tennis, rowing, golf, these typical British sports are prevalent around the world and men's wear with these punctuation is also prevalent. Tomorrow, another racing style men's brand HAZZYS will be settled in Chengdu Wangfujing. It is undoubtedly the new world to showcase your lifestyle for fashion men who like to race or aspire to "style and freshness." 09 autumn and winter, HAZZYS flagship "college rowing club" series. With the theme of Rowing Club of Cambridge University, the recreational group which vividly expresses sports vitality in a clear autumn gives a sense of movement and shows a new concept of campus leisure. Emphasize the most abundant colors and diversified totems in autumn and winter 09, with the colors of navy blue and blue as the base color, mix and match the colorful colors of violet, burgundy, green, red, pink, yellow and the like to create the palette feeling , Stripes, totems, badges embellished in the unique washed fabrics, with innovative mix and match and multi-level deployment of youth invincible casual style.

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