Sangong Rubber devotes great efforts to development

Since the beginning of this year, Shandong Sangong Rubber Co., Ltd. has been contending for time, rushing progress, accelerating the pace of key project construction and technological transformation, promoting the rapid expansion of enterprises, and striving to achieve great-leap-forward development.
The year 2008 was a key year for the development of Sangong. The company continued to increase investment in technical reforms. For radial tire projects, it planned to invest 140 million yuan in fixed assets and add 153 units (sets) of mixers, molding machines and other equipment. The annual increase of 600,000 sets of all-steel radial tires will enable the total capacity of all-steel radial tires to reach 1 million sets. The annual sales revenue will increase by 800 million yuan, and profits and taxes will be 100 million yuan. For traditional bias tire products, through research and development of high-end new products, accelerate the pace of equipment automation reform, improve the backward technology, increase the production efficiency of existing equipment, and enhance the company's core competitiveness.
In order to meet the growing market demand, after the Spring Festival, the company further expanded the scale of production, organized the workshops to produce at full capacity, and strived to achieve a good start in the first quarter. In response to the phenomenon of many product orders, short delivery times, and shortage of personnel, the company has increased its recruitment efforts while stabilizing existing employees. It also focused on the former employees who had worked in the company before, and actively contacted local employees. Department to ensure the smooth completion of production tasks.

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