Sichuan Keinda corn plastic company received orders from Europe and the United States

Following the inclusion of biodegradable corn plastics into the procurement scope of the Beijing Olympics packaging bags, on February 23, Sichuan Keinda Biotechnology Company, which produced the corn plastics, disclosed that the company has received orders for more than 10 million yuan from the US and Europe.

According to the report, as of February 20 this year, domestic and international orders for procurement of biodegradable plastics have reached 800 million yuan. Among them, 200,000 bags of quilt and quilt sizes ordered by the US company Zhi'an were ordered; DVD boxes and bags requested by the U.S. audio and video production company amounted to 16 million sets per month. Some European companies such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, etc. have also sent letters to express their agency and procurement intentions. At the same time, many domestic supermarkets and businesses also expressed their purchasing intentions. It is reported that the company's first batch of biodegradable corn plastic products is expected to go offline on March 20 this year.

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