Simple analysis of the working principle of pesticide residue detector

Agricultural products such as fruits and vegetables are unavoidable to use pesticides to control insecticides and pests. Therefore, the risk of pesticide residues in agricultural products is increased to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to effectively ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, maintain the safety of consumers' "vegetable baskets". In the various aspects of planting, collection and sales, people widely use pesticide residue detectors and other pesticide residue rapid detection instruments to check the quality of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products. The application of such instruments not only purifies the market, ensures the safety of agricultural products, but also to a certain extent. The above regulations regulated production, improved the quality of agricultural products, and played a good role in the development of green agriculture. Here in for pesticide residues detector, in simple language to introduce the principle of pesticide residues detector.

Pesticide residue detector

The main detection method used by the pesticide residue detector is the enzyme inhibition method, and its principle can be simply understood as: extracting effective parts of fruits and vegetables into liquid, using the catalytic reaction of cholinesterase, and converting its decomposition products into color, set a The standard solution that does not contain pesticides will normally have a darker color. Use it as a reference. If the sample to be tested contains pesticides, the reaction will be suppressed, resulting in a very light color. You can determine the yin and yang by calculating the inhibition rate性结果。 Sexual results.

The main features of the pesticide residue detector are fast detection speed, simultaneous detection of multiple targets, high intelligence, convenient data collection, and good system compatibility, especially suitable for government supervision, enterprise self-inspection and consumer self-inspection. The application of this instrument can make up for the shortcomings of professional technicians and professional equipment in various fields, and meet the needs of rapid detection in the field and circulation field, so that government departments to enterprises and consumers can quickly and accurately detect pesticide residues. In all aspects, all aspects of agricultural residue testing should be strengthened, and food safety testing should be implemented to effectively promote and improve food quality and safety.

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