Sino-German route adds another wheel

With the "COSCO Germany" driving into the port of Hamburg, the busy Sino-German route has added a huge round. It is reported that the "COSCO Germany" with a ship width of 43 meters and a length of 334 meters is one of the largest container ships in operation in the world, with a capacity of 8,204 standard containers. A spokesperson for the ship's owner, ER Shipping, said that "COSCO Germany" is the sixth of the eight super-large container ships that the company plans to lease to China COSCO Group. The lease is for 10 years and is used to connect the Eurasian sea. Transport corridor. The ship has a power of 68,640 kW and a speed of 25.1 nautical miles (about 44 km).

ER Shipping is a subsidiary of the German Northern Capital Group and is one of the world's largest leasing shipowners with 76 container ships with a capacity of 350,000 TEUs.

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