Soft and comfortable - Royal Baby 2012 autumn and winter new baby clothes

At the 2012 Beijing Masaki Beijing Baby Show that ended on April 14, there is a fair that looks like a fairy tale pavilion and attracts the attention of many people! Not only the pavilion soft colors, the museum's baby clothing exhibits also look soft and comfortable, it is the famous baby brand Royal Baby. Royal Baby 2012 autumn and winter new baby clothes Royal Baby debut not only provides a full range of enthusiasm services, but also bring their brand new autumn and winter 2012 exhibitors, the first time so that the vast number of merchants can see the Royal Baby style. Royal Baby 2012 autumn and winter new baby clothes Royal Baby Kids series baby supplies Founded in 1993, is committed to China's high-end consumer groups 0-6-year-old infants and young children provide aristocratic quality training solutions, the British royal noble eldest childcare Culture and advanced concept of nursery to create a modern aristocratic characteristics of modern infant and young child training methods: rigorous, safe, healthy, environmental protection, fashion and innovative design. Over the years, "Royal Baby" with its series, professional, refined products accompanied by many baby happy time. Xiamen all-you-baby Products Co., Ltd. with many years of professional experience, a large number of talents, superb technology, full integration of the various stages of growth of babies physiological characteristics, living environment and other factors, has developed, including breast-feeding series of milk, Series, series of cleaning and care, cotton series, exquisite gift boxes, cotton in-series, baby clothing series, advanced bedding series eight categories, fully meet the needs of your baby.

Jacquard cashmere shawls, refers to cashmere as raw material, in order to warp and weft crisscross of concave and convex decorative pattern produced by processing the cape, It is a rare's fashions and it is also a senior gifts for family and friends. According to the classification can be divided into KNITTED Shawl and woven Shawl, KNITTED Shawl (KNITTED Shawl) practices and Cashmere Sweater is similar, with flat knitting machine to produce, can make different pin type and organization, For example: 7 pin double - dollar pin shawl, 12 pin shawl, 16 pin shawl, etc. There are many textile categories, and cashmere shawls can be followed in the following ways:
1. Place the Cashmere Shawl in a warm bowl, and the water not above cashmere shawl.
2. Pour a little (normal amount) our daily shampoo.
3. Rub the shampoo up and press a few times on the Cashmere Scarf.
4. Use clean water to remove the shampoo from the cashmere scarf. Wrap the towel in the washing machine to dry.
5. Take out and pave it, preferably on the bed, since the cashmere shawl is almost dry at this time.
Remember three points:
First, there shall be no hand twist dry,
Second, remember do not hang
Third, jacquard or multicolor cashmere shawl unfavorable immerse, different colors of cashmere shawl can't wash together, so as to avoid staining.

Cashmere Jacquard Shawl

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