Stone coal machine: successfully developed 18 meters telescopic boom truck

Recently, the 18-meter telescopic boom-type aerial work vehicle developed by the Shimei Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the inspection of the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. All performance parameters were in compliance with relevant national standards, indicating that the model will soon be put on the market. The successful development of this vehicle has further enriched the spectrum of special models for stone coal machinery companies and has become another new economic growth point for the company.
The special vehicle products developed by Stone Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. include bridge inspection vehicles, special vehicles for environmental protection, high-altitude vehicles, road wreckers, etc. The company continues to conduct serialized research and development on several types of special-purpose vehicles to meet market demand. The aerial work trucks are divided into two series: telescopic arms and folding arms. The products are available in a variety of models with a working height of 14-28 meters.
The newly-developed 18-meter telescopic boom-type aerial work vehicle is small in size and light in weight. It can pass through a narrow space and carry out high-altitude operations. It can ensure that the working platform is always at a level during operation, and can remotely control engine ignition and flameout at the working platform. ,high degree of automation. The car is equipped with an emergency power source, which can send workers to the ground in an emergency and has high operational safety. The vehicle is designed with hydraulic and electric tools and other auxiliary equipment interfaces. The user can select and install as required to realize the functions of a multi-purpose vehicle. It is another new type of equipment support for high-altitude operation.
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