Submersible pump operation should pay attention to what matters?

Submersible pump should pay attention to the following points in operation: (1) submersible pump work, we should pay attention to the situation of water level drop, the submersible pump shall not work out of the water. (2) found that the use of submersible pump stalls, less water, noise and heat protectors frequently take off and so on, should be promptly stopped pump. (3) Check the supply voltage is too low or power, cable breakage or lack of phase. (4) check whether the impeller jamming or wear, water chamber is blocked, the lift is too high or too low, the filter is blocked and so on. If there is any fault, find the appropriate solution. (5) In case of stator winding burnout and other failures, to be repaired by the maintenance organization. Reassembly, sealing parts need to do 0.2MPa pressure check. (6) When submersible pump is used, it is found that the damaged cable should be replaced immediately before use. If not for some time, submersible pumps should not invade the water, should be cleaned. If the submersible pump is used to pump more viscous slurry, it should be put in clean water and run for a few minutes. Wash the slurry in the pump and then dry it and apply it to the gout dry place.  

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