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衣伴沁香 Clothes with Qinxiang " apparel has been devoted to the interpretation of the dream of women fashion.With creative, intelligent and confident fashion women and build .Brand focus on the original, to design fashion needs close to lifestyle clothing for the main theme will be simple and generous Style into which fully interpret women's calm and sensuality, leading women to explore themselves in the ordinary life.
Clothing with Qinxiang " brand discount women's growing development, with 2000 square feet of distribution centers and large showrooms, has occupied the forefront of brand discount, agents throughout the country and operating in good condition. Excellent location is the cornerstone of its development. Logistics center in the shortest possible time the goods delivered to the agent location, shorten the agent's purchase cycle, reducing operating costs. Perfect service - We have a professional image design team on the agency's storefront " tailor-made " , also has a professional maintenance team and supervision to assist the store image layout, the Four Seasons window changes and the full range of goods Understanding and communication to solve the various problems that arise in the management, create quality professional, service and create brand. Joining clothes now with Qinxiang brand, free initial fee / free margin / free to provide the image of the franchise decoration. We have the spirit of the brand women's ultra-low discount, low-cost, special supply, zero risk, zero inventory, 100% replacement, for you to remove all worries.


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