Suzhou Gusu District improves efficiency of sanitation and washing vehicles with Allison transmission

The Suzhou Gusu District Environmental Hygiene and Mechanization Operation Office began using a rinsing truck equipped with an Allison fully automatic transmission at the beginning of this year to improve its operating efficiency on urban roads.
Gusu flush car Gusu flush car

The operating team operated more than 140 sanitation vehicles and shouldered nearly 90% of the area of ​​88 square kilometers in the Gusu District. Of these, 32 rinsing trucks are operating on the road 26 days a month. Monthly rotations include spraying, flushing and watering operations. The washing truck has a rated load of 16 tons, of which 8 tons is for working water.

Rinse-cars and other sanitation vehicles are operational: speeds typically do not exceed 35 km/h, and start-stops are frequent, so the efficiency of their sprinkler, flush, and spray operations is greatly affected by the shift quality of the vehicle. When starting up at full load, the manual speeding of the manual flushing car is an energy-intensive process that affects efficiency and productivity.

Gusu - Xue Chunhua Gusu - Xue Chunhua

Allison's Continuous Power TechnologyTM has a smooth full power shift for excellent acceleration. Each shift automatically selects the best time to help the driver accurately manage vehicle performance and control operations.

After the purchase of this Allison self-cleaning car at the beginning of the year, the company selected Xue Chunhua, who had more than four years of experience in driving manual rinsing cars, as the first driver to be fitted with an Allison transmission. “I experienced the ease of driving a fully-automated rinsing car and the reduction in labor intensity, which enabled me to focus more on the road sections that need to be washed repeatedly to help improve the road rinsing quality.”

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