The 6th China Folk Craft Fair opens in Yantai

It is reported that the 6th China Folk Craft Fair, which has long been awaited by the majority of folk craft lovers, officially opened at the Yantai International Exhibition Center at 9:30 a.m. on October 20. At about 9 o'clock in the morning, the relevant leaders attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of this year's Expo, which officially opened the exhibition.

After the exhibition began, many citizens entered the exhibition in an orderly manner. The Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association party group** and vice ** Luo Yang and his party attended the exhibition.

This exposition will showcase the fine arts and crafts of the country in 31 provinces and cities, autonomous regions, and 9 countries and regions including Russia, Nepal and Pakistan. Citizens can use the ticket to enter the venue to visit and have the opportunity to watch the art creations of many folk arts and crafts masters. This year's expo will include jade carvings, wood carvings, stone carvings, root carvings, prints, New Year pictures, porcelains, pottery, four treasures of the writing room, embroideries, dough plastics, and clay sculptures. All kinds of exotic treasures really opened the eyes of the public.

The famous artists gathered on the website of the Geylang network to sign the stage to offer the treasure. It is reported that there are non-inherited artists, representative artists of folk art, winners of the highest prize of the Chinese folk art “shanhua Award”, and gold medal winners of previous Chinese folk art expositions. More than 200 people. Among them, the works of eleven geisha network contract masters such as Zhou Shuying, Zhang Zenglou, Liu Lizhong, Yan Yancang, and Chen Wenzeng also made appearances at the current expo. Their participating works mainly include paper cutting, interior painting, Cizhou kiln, stone carving and fixed porcelain.

In porcelain showcases in the porcelain and porcelain exhibition area, I saw the geisha net porcelain showcase. The works in the exhibition cabinet were made by Chen Wen, the master of the signing ceremony of the Geisha. A series of exhibits are smart and exquisite, exquisitely carved, "Dingzhou Hua porcelain red jade", the great poet Su Dongpo once praised porcelain.

Naturally, these exhibits also attracted the attention of many porcelain enthusiasts. Everyone praised this. The author interviewed a porcelain collection enthusiast, Mr. Zhao from Yunnan. He said: “This is the time to come and admire Master Chen’s work. If the price is right, it is ready to buy.”

In addition to setting porcelain, paper-cutting, painting, Cizhou kilns and stone carvings are also dazzling and surprising. Here, it is worth mentioning that participating in the exhibition of the Geyiwang Mall, this folk technology exchange and purchase platform, also announced the formal launch of the test. This undoubtedly also brought good news to many folk art lovers.

The "Big Boss" in the Millennium Nanmu Dinosaur Exhibits

At the site of the 6th Civil Expo, in the exhibition hall that was being arranged, the author saw at first glance the giant root carving T. rex that was 12 meters long and weighed 8 tons. The Tyrannosaurus rex opened its bloody mouth, and its sharp teeth were carved to life. While demonstrating its mightiness and arrogance, it was like a king.

It is understood that this Tyrannosaurus Rex is based on the Burmese Millennium Nanmu root carving raw material, completed by 10 artists lasted 8 months. This huge root carving art work can be regarded as the “boss” of the most impressive exhibits of this exhibition.

The art of borderless arts and crafts in Russia The author has learned that in addition to the domestic folk craftsmanship that has caused the visitors to enjoy the addiction, the crafts brought by foreign friends are also colorful. This icing on the fair.

It is understood that the Board of Directors of the International Arts Welfare Institute** and the Academician Petrov of the Petrov Academy of Sciences and Arts? 6-1 Victor also attended the exhibition. He is a senior oil painting collector and he regularly participates in international cultural and artistic exchange activities. He also holds unique insights into Russian oil painting. During the period of October 20-25, the expo will be held in the 2011 Russian Contemporary Painting Collection Exhibition. Of the 40 leading painters of Russian contemporary oil paintings, the collection of 10 meritorious painters will be exhibited for the first time in China.

In addition, the embroidery crafts exhibited by Russia are unique. Exquisite workmanship, lace is sketched.

This time, the Russian friends have come from afar and have brought us exquisite handicrafts so that citizens can feast their eyes on the world without going abroad. At the same time, countries such as Nepal and Pakistan have also brought us handicrafts with unique local characteristics and are worth looking forward to. It is reported that this year's China Folk Craft Fair will be held for a six-day exhibition. Follow-up will have more exciting exhibits. Folks who love folk arts and crafts can feast their eyes!

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