The bearing industry completes some of the goals of the "11th Five-Year Plan" in advance

China Bearing Industry Association held its fifth meeting of the 5th executive council in Luoyang. The meeting summarized and analyzed the implementation of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” of the bearing industry. Director Zhang Qiaofan stated that it is necessary to make adjustments to the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” and preparations for the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.
It is understood that the bearing production target in the bearing industry "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" has been completed ahead of schedule in 2007, and the industry sales revenue target is also expected to be achieved in 2008, but the energy consumption per unit of industrial added value is reduced by 20% and the material utilization rate is improved. The goal of 5 percentage points remains to be worked hard. The completion of industry technical performance targets still lags behind economic indicators. Lifetime reliability of ball bearings has increased from 8 to 9. The completion of roller bearings from 5 to 6 has yet to be completed. Starting from the second half of the year, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Machinery Industry Federation will begin to deploy research for the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”. The bearing industry will also actively prepare.
Zhang Qiaofan said that in the face of the huge cost pressure brought about by the increase in raw material prices, bearing companies are actively responding and the Axis Association also held a “Seminar on Reduction of Product Costs and Raw Material Price Increase Measures” in Beijing in early April.
In terms of independent innovation and brand strategy, many bearing companies have paid great attention in recent years, and the precision and performance of many products are gradually approaching foreign products. However, Zhang Qiaofan emphasized that we must attach great importance to and study the problems existing in the current industry for the OEM production of foreign companies. This indicates that the products of these enterprises can meet the standards of foreign companies, and on the other hand, they cannot escape from the status of being controlled by others. The side-effects are the repeated calculation of production capacity and the consumption of energy-consuming materials in the industry, which should be highly valued. In view of the upsurge of investment in wind power bearings in the industry, the general guidance of the Axis Association is: Seeking truth from facts and doing what it can.
In the end, Zhang Qiaofan expressed on behalf of the association that although the economic goals of the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for the bearing industry will be completed ahead of schedule, the lack of independent innovation capability of enterprises, the slow increase of core competitiveness, and the slow improvement of the industrial R&D capability are slower. V. There are still large gaps in the technical and quality goals of the planning; although large-scale enterprise groups and “little giant” enterprises have achieved healthy development, the unfair competition caused by blindly increasing production capacity has been aggravated by repeated investment and redundant construction in the industry. The contradiction of increasing corporate risks and slower concentration of production is far from being resolved. The overall quality level of the industry, especially the improvement of product accuracy, longevity, and reliability, is still a difficult process; facing the challenge of internationalization of the domestic market Many companies are inadequately prepared. Therefore, the industry must further understand the situation, clear the direction, sum up experience, enhance the sense of responsibility, sense of crisis, and work hard to successfully complete the "Eleventh Five-Year" development plan.

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