The brothers waited for the red light to get off the train to do morning exercises.

The brothers and other red lights off when the morning exercise to get hot users said Xin acid diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-07-27

Sina Weibo @ Zi Wei at the edge of Donghu Lake: In the morning when the red light came out, the front taxi master suddenly got out of the car. I was still thinking that I didn't seem to be hitting him. I did not expect him to be started next to the car. Morning exercise suddenly felt a bit sour. Although there are always complaints about the difficulty of the fight, and the attitude of the drivers is not good, they can think of these people working hard for the sake of their families. They also have reasons for helplessness. This group also deserves attention.
[Reporter's follow-up] According to Weibo blogger Miss Wu, the traffic light on Zhongnan Road was driven yesterday morning, in front of a green taxi, a taxi driver wearing a white shirt and dark blue breeches suddenly opened the door and got off the car. Ms. Wu thought that she had hit the taxi with her own car. She knew that the taxi driver had started a morning exercise next to the car. He had his hands on hips and twisted his hips. From time to time, he performed chest expansion exercises and waved his hand. After about two minutes, the red light appeared. Going green, the driver immediately got into the cab and drove away.
In just two minutes, Miss Wu was particularly sad. She said, “Although I always complain about the bad attitude of the drivers, I think these people are running around for their livelihood. They also have their helplessness and hope that the passengers and the drivers can understand each other. Of course, We also hope that this industry will become more standardized."
After the microblogging was released, many netizens forwarded and participated in the discussion. Some netizens posted health tips: “Taxi drivers are prone to three major diseases: First, stomach problems, second, prostate diseases, and third, lumbar and cervical spondylosis. We must pay attention to health. Question: Don't sit in your car when you don't pull out your guests, hurry to come out and move your waist, legs, and neck.
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