The country introduced a heat pump dryer subsidy policy or promotes the development of air energy

In order to expedite the resolution of serious problems in the post-production loss of agricultural products in China, we fully implemented the subsidy policy for the national primary agricultural product processing facilities. Recently, the "Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Initial Processing of Agricultural Products in 2014" was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance. Among them, the subsidy standard for drying facilities is 30%, which will greatly promote the application and expansion of heat pump drying, and will also promote the development of the air-energy heat pump industry.

It is understood that in order to improve the initial processing conditions of China's agricultural production areas, reduce post-production losses, balance market supply, stabilize market prices, increase farmers' income, and raise the level of agricultural product quality and safety, the central government will arrange “subsidies for the transfer of agricultural scientific and technological achievements and technical extension services”. Support the construction of initial processing facilities for agricultural production areas. The “Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Implementation of Initial Processing of Agricultural Products in 2014” stipulates that this year the central government will allocate 600 million yuan to subsidize the processing facilities for the production of agricultural products, with a subsidy standard of 30%. The subsidies range from the newly established potato storage pits to fruit and vegetable preservation bases. Drying facilities and other three categories of 19 kinds of specifications of agricultural raw materials processing facilities.

In recent years, as the demand for agricultural and sideline products in China has become increasingly clear, the role of dryer equipment in the industry is also growing. As a new type of energy-saving new technology, air energy has largely solved the problems of low traditional drying efficiency and high drying costs. Taking the high-temperature heat pump dryer researched and developed by Pavo Air Energy as an example, it has the advantages of energy saving and emission reduction, safety and environmental protection, good drying effect, high efficiency and energy saving, low operating cost, saving labor costs, and wide range of applications. Praise.

In addition, the main principle of the high-temperature heat pump dryer used in the drying process is to use a heat pump evaporator to absorb the heat energy in the outside air, or to recover the waste heat from the exhaust during the drying process. After the compressor works, the energy is transferred (transferred) to In the drying box, the hot air in the drying box is heated and circulated repeatedly to absorb the moisture in the material and cool down and humidify. After the hot air removes moisture or condenses and removes water, the moisture in the material is discharged and finally realized. Continuous drying of the material. And is widely used in tobacco drying, drying of agricultural and sideline products, drying of Chinese herbal medicines, drying of arts and crafts, drying of electroplating parts, drying of seafood, drying of fruits and vegetables, drying of wax products, and other fields. As a highly efficient and energy-saving product, compared with the traditional drying equipment, the energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the quality of the dried material is higher.

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