The home lighting industry needs to adhere to the low-carbon lighting concept

Low-carbon life means reducing the consumption of high-carbon energy such as coal and oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through various means such as technological innovation, system differentiation, industrial transformation, and new energy development under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development. To achieve a win-win economic life pattern of economic and social development and ecological environmental protection.
Low-carbon lighting has become an inevitable trend in the development of creative home lighting industry. Since the Copenhagen weather conference, low-carbon life is no longer a new term. The living standards are increasing, consumers are paying more and more attention to the quality of life, and low-carbon, healthy and environmentally-friendly frameless paintings are gradually infiltrating into the home accessories industry. As an indispensable decorative painting in the home furnishing industry, it has once again stood at the forefront of low-carbon environmental protection.
The development concept of the home lighting industry In the past, due to the limitation of living standards, as well as the late start of lighting, the lighting store is relatively scattered compared with other home industries, low-end and other reasons, so that consumers only spend on lighting. Stay at the level of lighting. The reporter visited several well-known lighting stores to understand that in order to comply with the development trend of the times and cater to the consumer demand, the lighting stores have stood in the ranks of low-carbon lighting to practice low-carbon lighting and create new health for consumers. The green life of environmental protection is our responsibility to win the hearts of consumers.
Low-carbon lighting is not just a slogan, it represents a responsibility. In order to create a green and environmentally friendly creative home life for consumers, Oriental Lighting Plaza and China Lighting Association jointly issued an initiative:
First, each lighting city business to ensure product quality, not selling unqualified products;
Second, the various lighting city businesses do not give free incandescent lamps, consciously resist high energy-consuming, non-environmental products;
3. Actively cooperate with the activities of eliminating incandescent lamps and speeding up the promotion of high-quality green lighting products;
Fourth, in good faith management, do a good job, to be a civilized business that users trust;
Fifth, actively respond to green lighting from the lighting city. Really practice low-carbon lighting, and strive to create a green home environment for consumers.
With the continuous improvement of living standards, building a healthy and environmentally friendly green life has become a benchmark for guiding consumers to consumers. Consumers' pursuit of low-carbon life has forced the home market to transform. As a lighting, the concept of low-carbon lighting has emerged.

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