The importance of monitoring water logging in irrigation agriculture

Predicting the soil moisture content is an important reference for agricultural irrigation. Soil moisture content monitoring and monitoring can use soil moisture monitoring system for automatic control. Soil moisture monitoring system is a device specially developed by Zhejiang Top Instrument for public opinion monitoring. , can achieve more soil moisture measurement, recording and statistics.

Soil moisture prevention is beneficial to enhancing scientific and forward-looking water dispatching, and technical support for fine-scale watershed scheduling. It has guiding significance for the formulation of scientific irrigation plans, reasonable regulation of regional water resources, guidance of drought relief, and protection of agricultural production and water-saving development. Type agriculture and the realization of efficient agricultural water management are of great significance.

With the rapid increase in demand for water resources from social development, the situation of drought and water shortage in the Yellow River Basin has become more and more serious in some areas. When dealing with the situation of agricultural drought relief, the following questions need to be addressed: What is the degree of crop drought? When should I irrigate?

How much water is better? With the development of drought, how will the future trend of public opinion? If it is impossible to predict or predict future changes in public opinion, it is very likely that the timing of irrigation will be inappropriate, or rain will increase the waterlogging disaster, or delay the timing of irrigation and increase the extent of crop drought reduction.

In this way, the benefits of water resources and farmland and water conservancy projects cannot be fully realized, and the purpose of increasing production and increasing efficiency by irrigation cannot be achieved. Forecasting the growth and regression of soil moisture in the cropping layer is the basis and key for formulating a reasonable irrigation system, conducting appropriate irrigation, and improving soil water use efficiency. Conducting monitoring and forecasting of soil moisture and analyzing the extent and trends of drought conditions can provide scientific basis for farmers to timely and appropriate irrigation and government departments to formulate drought-resistance and disaster-reduction strategies in a timely manner. In particular, the full use of irrigation project benefits, rational use of water resources, and development of irrigated agriculture are all provided. It is of great significance.

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