The number XCT75 is different

XCT75, which is known as the industry's "small 80", has become the leader of the same class since its inception. The extraordinary performance has already made XCT75 earn enough.

Hanging - super strong lifting, pull the mountain. The five-section 48m “U-shaped” main arm has a leading performance of 75-80 tons of leading products in the industry. The lifting performance of the whole machine is higher than the industry's same tonnage products by more than 20%. The 15 main boom conditions are arbitrarily retractable, and the mid-long arm performance is stronger and the work efficiency is improved. The short-distance transition can carry all the standard counterweights, which is more economical and convenient. The whole machine can carry all the short-distance transitions with the standard 10.5-ton counterweight.


Effectiveness - a new system that is fast and stable. The two-variable pump is divided into the combined flow control. When the composite operation is performed, the double pump is independently supplied with oil. When the high-speed operation is performed, the double pump is combined to supply oil, and when the micro-operation is performed, the single-pump operation is supported. Any load, any working condition, winch and amplitude two common actions 100% achieve compound action, the operating efficiency is 10% to 13% ahead of the competition peers, to meet the fast operation, fast delivery and transfer requirements.


Adopting the pioneering industry-leading two-variable pump control system, how much speed is required, how much flow the system provides, avoiding unnecessary waste, minimizing the loss of power in the hydraulic system, reducing the average fuel consumption by 15% under comprehensive conditions, smoothness and fretting Increased sexuality by 15%, achieving smooth, efficient and energy-saving effects.


Line - gold drive, power first. The exclusive development of low fuel consumption, high torque, low speed engine and multi-gear transmission combination, the new turbocharger system for crane-specific engines, 15% increase in torque, 12% reduction in fuel consumption, 10% increase in climbing capacity, acceleration at the start Increase by 12%. To create a new generation of gold power transmission system, power and economy complement each other, fish and bear paw fame and fortune.


Safe use of disc brakes improves heat dissipation and repeated braking reliability; high-pressure air supply setting double guarantee, braking response time is shortened from 0.6 seconds to 0.5 seconds, braking distance is shortened from 10 meters to less than 9 meters, braking The system is more stable and the driving state is safe and reliable.

Province - easy and effortless, indulge in manipulation. The self-developed shifting assist mechanism allows the driver to operate the shifting handle by simply providing a control signal, and the assisting mechanism can complete the shifting. The shifting hand force is reduced from 65N to 35N, and the shifting stroke is reduced from 155mm to 105mm. The shifting process has a small force, a short stroke, and a labor-saving and comfortable operation. After the system fails, normal mechanical shifting can still be performed. The waterproof wiring harness has a reasonable layout, the reliability of the electrical system is upgraded, the service life is long, and the maintenance is easy.


Wisdom - human-computer interaction, highly integrated. Industry first, full man-machine work space design, new human-computer interaction system, intelligent chemical condition automatic planning technology, just input key lifting information, the system automatically recommends the best working conditions; using integrated bus panel, 7-inch true color The touch screen displays the working parameters in real time, making the intelligent driving operation more comfortable.

Product - Peugeot appearance, temperament is full. The aerodynamic shape of the machine, the lines are simple and smooth and comfortable, the new style two-room design, V-shaped front face, headlight eagle eye bionic design, bring a new visual experience. User-friendly design is safe, reliable, and saves time and effort. The new hook quickly wears the rope, the man-machine design handle and the escalator are easy to climb, the soft shaft of the leg is easy to operate and save, the rotary protection is safe and reliable, and the hook is fixed safely and conveniently.


With leading technology research and development level and high quality, high reliability and high value-added products, XCMG cranes are always in the leading position in the industry. From the K series to the G generation, XCMG cranes record and represent every era of the hoisting industry. As a veteran state-owned enterprise, Xugong shouldered the banner of revitalizing the national industry and led the Chinese engineering equipment manufacturing industry to a new pattern.

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