The six countries' chemical industry began to save energy and reduce consumption

Drying equipment

China Drying Network News Anhui Liuguo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. started from the details. This year, it has formulated and improved a number of energy-consuming units to save energy and reduce emissions, in order to strictly control the waste of energy and resources, reduce production costs, and promote energy-saving. Pai, savings and efficiency. These measures include the "Temporary Measures for the Administration of Steam Fraction Appraisal for Bathroom Canteens", "Interim Measures for the Management and Assessment of Water-cooled Air-conditioners for Offices and Science and Technology Buildings," "Administrative Regulations on the Configuration and Use of Non-production Electricity Facilities for Electric Heaters," and "Waste Materials." Sale Promotional Interim Measures etc. Not long ago, the company was evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Petrochemical Federation as the benchmarking company for the 2011 energy efficiency leader. They have also been awarded the title of “Green Enterprise” in Tongling for 6 consecutive years.

X Ray Machine

The system matches with metal ceramic X-ray tube and high frequency solid insulate industrial X-ray HT generator, it applies forced cooling system to make sure X-ray machine can normally continuous work for 24 hours. The dimension of this kind of small focus X-ray tube is half of traditional focus tube, geometry unintelligibility is an important factor which affects image quality, if focus bigger, correspondingly, geometry unintelligibility is deeper, and also makes image edge much more blur; if focus smaller, geometry unintelligibility is lighter, it can improves image quality at same time, also focus is smaller can inspect smaller failure which is favor to improve X-ray RTR inspection stability.

The controlling part of system is researched and manufactured by ourselves, the intelligent main control PLC works matches with touch screen, beautiful and complete functional stainless steel panel that can display and adjust parameters much more convenient. When high voltage of system opens, there will be red light alarming signal outside of protect door, here installs interlock devices between lead door and system, in the case of opening lead door, system will stop radiation at once to assure safety of operators.

Units For X Ray RTR System

Butt Weld Pipe RTR System,Boiler Pipe RTR System,Casting RTR System,Wheel Hub RTR System

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