The transformation and upgrading of clothing and textile companies

Rain, snow, cold and windy. However, in the Keqiao Development Zone, reporters everywhere can feel the upsurge of transformation and upgrading.

The Keqiao Development Zone, which is located in the “Charming New City North extension extension zone, high-tech industry cluster zone, and emerging advantageous industry cultivation zone”, will expand northward this year to establish a high-tech industrial park and accelerate the formation of the China Textile City Science Park and China’s light Spin City Creative Park, as a top priority. Focusing on the transformation and development of science and technology, it is striding forward on the land of Kebei. Zhou Jianxin, director of the Party Working Committee of the Development Zone and the director of the Management Committee, said that mastering science and technology has taken the initiative in development, and the vitality of the development zone lies in the transformation and upgrading. We will intensify the transformation and development, that is, to make the development zone a place for gathering talents and technology. Innovative Highlands.

Add "engine"

Standing in Keqiao's second phase planning map at Keqiao Development Zone, we saw Jixian Road and Qitao North Road cross each other vertically and horizontally to form a large “10”. This is also the 8.1-square-kilometer traffic artery in the North Extension Block of the Development Zone.

Yu Jinran, deputy director of the Management Committee, said: "The construction of the two main lines is of great significance. It indicates that the development and construction of this area has started and the development zone will add new impetus to the development of high-tech industrial parks." After the Spring Festival, the Management Committee Members of the delegation led the team and immediately invested in the two main lines involved in the demolition of houses. In particular, during the 6-day centralized relocation exercise from 20 to 25 of this month, the cadres divided the six groups of in-depth demolished households to publicize and mobilize in the night and day, and signed new contracts for demolition and relocation. More than 20 households have newly added more than 100 vacant homes. At present, more than 85% of the evacuations have been completed.

At the same time as the rapid deterrence of demolition and demolition, the project investment is also in full swing. Xie Tao, deputy director of the Management Committee, said: “The three high-tech industrial parks of automobile auto parts, new energy and new materials, and machinery and equipment will be gathered here. The total investment of the company exceeds 10 billion yuan. We mainly track projects with investment of over 300 million yuan. "She told reporters that these projects involve new energy buses, bio-pharmaceuticals, logistics, new building materials, etc. Many of them are listed companies from France, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, etc., and Fortune 500 companies. Once the conditions for settlement are mature, This will inject great momentum into the development and transformation of the development zone.

Create "Silicon Valley"

Zhou Jianxin had a declaration form for the provincial "Thousand Talents Plan" in his hand. He told reporters: "This Dr. Jing Jie has settled in our development zone. Some time ago, we also introduced the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of the Environment and the postdoctoral fellow of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."

In the eyes of Zhou Jianxin, talent is the driving force for transformation and development. He said that the development zone is accelerating the construction of the China Textile City Science and Technology Park, that is, to make it become the “Silicon Valley” of the county, where the talented people and the innovative highland will come to the county to start their businesses and become high The "incubator" of technology companies is also a public service platform for scientific research institutions, colleges and universities scientific and technological achievements transfer center and scientific and technological innovation.

The reporter learned that Dr. Jing Jie, who has already declared the “One Thousand Talents Program” in the province, brought in the auto-in vitro expansion system project independently researched and developed by himself as well as the world-renowned authoritative Dr. Lu Daopian of blood disease and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Strong research team. Professor Lin Linping, who is in the "330 Personnel Program" of the application city, has patents for printing and dyeing wastewater treatment that have been recognized as new national standards. The introduction of these high-level talents brings not only new projects with high technological content, but also attracts more talents to settle and enhance the scientific research capabilities of the development zone.

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