Tianjin Jiuyi Global Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Construction Project

Project Name: Development Phase of the Complete Plant Construction Project of Tianjin Joy Global Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Progress Stage: Project Approval Verification Construction Period: April 2012-September 2013 Major Equipment: Cranes, Excavators, Building Materials, Exterior Wall Decoration Materials , low-voltage electrical appliances, fire-fighting systems, wire and cable, lighting fixtures, instrumentation equipment, water supply and drainage systems Project Description: The project is located in the north of Gangcheng Avenue in the Airport Economic Zone, Tanggu District, Tianjin, to build an integrated development. The total investment of the project is 400 million yuan.
Construction Unit: Joy Global (Tianjin) Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (US-owned)
Postal address: No. 150 Haibin 15th Road, Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, Tanggu District, Tianjin Zip code: 300461
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The Car Body refers to the part of the vehicle used to carry people, and also refers to the whole vehicle. The body of some vehicles is both the driver's workplace and the place where passengers and goods are accommodated. The body includes windows, doors, cockpit, passenger compartment, engine compartment and luggage compartment. The shape of the body is several types, such as a box type, a fish type, a ship type, a streamline type and a wedge type, and the structural form is divided into a single compartment, a hatchback and a sedan. The body structure is the body language of the vehicle, and its design will directly affect the performance of the vehicle.

The body shell is the basis for the installation of all body car auto parts, usually referred to as the rigid bearing structure of the main bearing elements such as the longitudinals, beams and struts and the elements connected to them. Most of the bus body has an obvious skeleton, while the car body and truck cab have no obvious skeleton. The body shell usually also includes materials and coatings for sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration, corrosion, sealing, etc. laid thereon.

Car Body

Car Body

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