Water problems solved at the Ordos Recycling Base

From February 23 to 25, the National Geological Survey Working Conference was held in Beijing. Wang Min, deputy director of the Ministry of Land and Resources, said at the meeting that a number of achievements have been made in the national geological survey conducted since 1999. Among them, exploration of groundwater resources in the Ordos area has delineated a large number of large-scale projects for the national energy and chemical industry base. Prospect water source. The rapid rise of energy and chemical projects in the region, represented by the Shenhua Group's coal-to-liquids project, has basically guaranteed industrial and domestic water consumption in the near to medium term.
With the construction and commissioning of energy heavy chemical projects such as large-scale coal chemical industry and natural gas chemical industry in Ordos, people in the industry are concerned about whether the water resources needed for building energy and chemical industries in the region can be guaranteed. The use of coal to produce one ton of refined oil requires about 12 tons of industrial water, and other large-scale chemical fertilizers, polyvinyl chloride and other chemical projects built in Ordos also need sufficient water sources for guarantee. According to Li Xiang, director of the Xi'an Geological Survey Center of the China Geological Survey, which directly participated in the investigation of water resources in the Ordos region, the state’s investigation of water resources in this area has continued uninterrupted for decades, but the survey process is not systematic enough to enable the relevant authorities to How much water resources are available for mining in this area of ​​the construction of energy and chemical projects is unfounded in the minds, and the case of applying for multiple projects in one water source has occurred from time to time. At present, the causes, resource distribution, and recoverable reserves of water resources in the Ordos region have basically been investigated, providing a basis for scientific decisions at all levels of government.
The Erdos region is adjacent to Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Shanxi provinces, with a total area of ​​280,000 square kilometers. The coal reserves in the region account for 38.8% of the country's total, natural gas accounts for 50% of the country's total, and petroleum accounts for 4.4% of the country's total. Mine accounts for 70% of the country. However, this energy gathering area is an arid and semi-arid area. The shortage of surface water resources has become a bottleneck for the development of energy bases.
The national geological survey shows that the total amount of groundwater recharge resources in the area is 10.5 billion cubic meters per year, the recoverable resources are 5.8 billion cubic meters per year, the current extraction volume is 1.1 billion cubic meters per year, and the mining potential is 47 Millions of cubic meters per year, the survey results show that the 161 groundwater sources that have been delineated can basically meet the water demand for the construction of the energy and chemical bases from the near-term (2010) to the mid-term (2020). At the same time, Li Xiang also stated that the area as a whole is still a water-deficient area and that water resources should be rationally developed and dispatched scientifically.

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