What color clothes to wear in autumn is good

Autumn, there is no spring flowers in nature and colorful, dim world is full of bleak and sad, but our lovely girls can not be changed by the environment and forget to be a shining queen Oh. Quickly decorated with colorful colors to decorate it, with bleak say goodbye fall, do it with the Queen of Confidence.


Rose red + white dumb dumb

What kind of clothes to wear in the fall is good, in fact, Xiaobian recommended autumn to light-based, for example, the red rose color, it seems there is full of peach eager to meet the vitality of the scene, Slim dress style splicing lace cuffs, elegant At the same time more sexy. The right white chiffon shirt plus emerald bag skirt, to create three-dimensional contour so that the spirit of God full bid farewell Autumn dull and silent.


Warm light orange intoxicating heart

Say that autumn is the harvest season, then wearing a light orange dress in the fall is not very Yingjing? This light from the demon girlfriends women 's oversize oversized jacket, loose profile simple and generous unfettered feeling, suit lapel and black stitching hem, more modern temperament, with zebra pattern leggings and white chiffon shirt, the overall image is very capable Oh god


Fresh mint green sweet love

In the autumn awake mint green color to bring a different kind of refreshing feelings, do not think mint green only belongs to the summer Oh, in fact, cool autumn, fresh mint green can often give people to relieve visual fatigue and relaxed Oh, Soft colors and sophisticated style coat, sweet and handsome combination of elegant and modern phase set off, can not tell the taste of unforgettable.


Classic hidden blue OL favorite

Ol in the fall dress with a group of OL is also a little annoyed Oh, hot and cold weather people caught by surprise, it is better to carry a small suit it. Little demon girlfriends women's small blue suit, luxury sense of collar velor design more stylish, with black shorts to create long mast legs. The white suit with blue pencil pants, also suitable for the autumn season Oh.

The above is a small series for everyone recommended four autumn dress colors, do not know if you have what you love?

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