What should I do if the three-roller gate passes off the rod?

What should I do if the three-roller gate passes off the rod?
1. The position of the electromagnet is not installed properly, install it in the correct way.
2. Power supply problem, insufficient voltage, overhaul circuit to ensure normal voltage.
What should I do if the tripod turns off without power off?
1. Check whether the installation position of the electromagnet is correct, the spring force of the drop pole electromagnet bracket is too small, and adjust it in time.
2. The friction force of the turntable and the rotating rod is too large, so the maintenance should be carried out according to the maintenance guide during normal maintenance.
Normal conditions can only be entered after valid tickets have been checked, and cannot be reversed. If reversed:
1. Check whether the stop pin is reset. First open the brake cover, add some lubricating oil to the stop pin, and then pull the stop pin back and forth to lubricate it. You can also remove the bracket of the block car, take out the block pin and clean the burrs with a file, then assemble it back, add liquid lubricant and pull the block pin back and forth to move freely.
2. The performance of the buffer may be unstable, causing the turntable to fail to reset. You can adjust the strength of the buffer or replace the buffer.
3. The position of the proximity switch is incorrect and the turntable cannot be reset. You need to adjust the position of the proximity switch.
What should I do if the gate turntable swings up and down?
1. The tray of the turntable of the gate movement is loose, and the gap between the fits is too large. Adjust the gap.
2. Loosen the screws of the gate tray and tighten the screws in time.
The above are some of the problems that three roller gate products may encounter. If you encounter such problems, you can also solve them by yourself. If you have other questions about the gate, you can call Zhongye Channel Technology.

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