Why is jade jade always "flooded"?


In recent years, I have often heard people go to travel, see others rushing to buy, can't hold back, buy back low-quality jade that is not low in price; some people ran to the place of production, and also asked friends, but bought back the price. Emeralds above the market price; some people in jewelry stores, sellers offer 50,000, the last thousand dollars to deal, buyers know that it is definitely not true.

Many people have seen the fine appreciation of fine jade every year, hoping to collect good value for money, but most people often sigh, the water of jade is too deep, it is not easy to take it. Why is jade water so deep? What is the reason?

One of the reasons is that jadeite is of high value and attracts many counterfeit products. Selling fakes may result in a hundredfold and a thousand times more profit margin than selling real goods. Ordinary collectors only feel dazzled when they see jade, do not know where to enter the eyes, do not know how to distinguish between true and false, it is difficult to protect themselves.

The second reason is that there are many kinds of jadeites. Not all jadeites are worth collecting. What kind of jadeite can reach the collection level. A jadeite is not worth collecting. The bidding is more suitable. It also needs to be more and more interesting under the guidance of experts. The cargo manager’s eyesight is that the goods are not lost.

The third reason is that consumers are impulsive, and “leakage” is not achieved, but it is “eye-catching”.

In recent years, many people in China who have collected jadeites have begun to spend time systematically studying jade identification, appreciation, and assessment of knowledge. The Collector's Jade Course jointly organized by Wanruixiang Jade Club and the National Inspection Training Center should be said to be a good way to learn from jade. Tibetans who are interested in jadeite will learn more about collecting knowledge first. They will certainly be helpful. If they take less detours and spend less money, they will be shot when they are shot, and they will not "seek and sigh".

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