Windsurfing power cruise design available

At the beginning of last week, the European Shiteng Shipbuilding Group announced the design of the hull, deck and cabin of the eco-concept cruise ship “Eoseas” on the website. The cruise uses renewable energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LNG fueled

According to the design, the "Eoseas" has five masts on the ship, and six large sails with a total area of ​​12.44 million square meters are installed on the mast. The six large sails will guide the collected air into the bottom of the ship and inject bubbles into the air cushion to increase the hydrodynamic efficiency and propel the vessel. The propulsion power can reach 20,000 MW.

The cruise also uses liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel for power generation, heating and cooling. In addition, the cruise ship will be equipped with solar energy storage panels to collect solar power; its double outer panel design is more effective as a natural air conditioning system. Cruise ships mainly use renewable energy to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

In order to fully comply with the ship's environmental requirements developed at the St. Nazaire Shipyard in France, the cruise will use recycled water, recycle rainwater from the upper deck, and use energy recovered from waste disposal.

The cruise ship is 305 meters long and 60 meters wide, and the engine room must meet the minimum number of people monitoring certificate (UMS) 105000. There will be 1,403 cabins on board, which can carry 3,311 passengers; 555 crew cabins, which can carry 1,089 people, or a total of 4,400.

The Eoseas was developed by the group's environmental strategy plan called “Ecorizon”. The plan focuses on the ship's environmental protection program, with the goal of protecting water resources and ecosystems, safeguarding the Earth's natural resources and limiting the impact of human activities.

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