Xugong Mixing Station's new generation of high-end platform product XAP243 has been successfully trial-produced

Recently, a new generation of high-end platform products XAP243 of Xugong Mixing Plant came into being at the Road Machinery Division Maintenance Branch. As a leading company in the industry, XCMG has always provided cutting-edge technologies and products for the Chinese road surface area. The Xugong Asphalt Mixing Station has always been favored by users for its high efficiency, stable reliability, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction features. Become the preferred brand for user construction. This time, XCMG's XAP243 asphalt mixing station, a high-end platform product of the 3rd series mixing station, is the concept that Xugong continues to uphold the customer as its focus, focusing on customer needs, and focusing on high-end products to create high-end products with excellent quality and high performance. Mixing Station flagship platform products. The XAP243 has a more reasonable layout and structure than the imagination, and it deserves to be a star in the field of high-end asphalt mixing stations. The product has improved the connection method between the main floors, which is connected by the original frame and improved by the connection of the main frames of the four corners. This makes the on-site installation more convenient and simpler, and at the same time effectively improves the overall strength of the main building; changing the feeding mode to the previous powder side Feeding type changed to the middle along the fabric, while optimizing the bituminous feeding method to spray symmetrically along the middle direction, so that the whole mixture is stirred more evenly, and the quality of the mixture is better ensured; the improved main floor high energy and the 4000 type mixing The seamless docking of the station meets the special needs of the customer's “private customization”. The overall layout is compact and reasonable, and the floor space is greatly reduced. This completely solves the problem that customers cannot install because of the small site, which greatly enhances product competition. Force; At the same time, re-color registration of the whole machine, more beautiful, bright, close-looking highlights steady, far-seeing even more the king of the wind.
As a flagship platform product, XAP243 has become a major weapon for Xugong Mixing Plant to participate in international high-end brand competition, which has greatly increased its market competitiveness and added an indelible mark to the development of Xugong's complete set of construction and maintenance machinery. It will surely lead Xugong to mix The station made great strides toward the high-end market. (This article from Xugong clicks into the Xugong Online Purchase page )
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