Yangzhou Liugong New 20t Medium and Deep Well Drilling Machine Successfully Developed

Vacuum brazing plate&bar coolers have been widely used in automobile, engineering machine, compressor and so on. The Heat Exchangers made by vacuum brazing process have good air tightness, high brazing quality, high cleanliness and good surface gloss.Herein, the vacuum brazing process is being widely used in Heat Exchanger field. According to practical production`s need, all kinds of fixtures and brackets used in the vacuum furnace are also constantly updated. The mature brazing fixtures are playing an important role which ensure heat exchangers with full uniform heating as well as energy saving. We can make all kinds of standard and non-standard tools and fixtures for customers by casting, metal plate, cold work and other methods. Brazing Fixtures for Plate Bar Coolers

Vacuum Brazing Equipment And ToolIng Fixture

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