Yi Meng to IMILI women's elegant fashion women's wardrobe

Arts dream come IMILI brand from the world of clothing Kingdom - France, to develop the European fashion style, is a symbol of taste, self-confidence and fashion.


Yi Meng to IMILI brand apparel absorb the essence of the European fashion concept, the sensitive capture of the international popular elements, integration of national traditions, pay attention to styles and colors with the subtle grasp of the details and the profound perception of the structure, making Yi Meng to IMILI Each piece of clothing is in the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend.

艺梦来IMILI品牌女装 优雅女性的时尚衣橱

Funding style, noble quality, fashionable style, superb technology is the soul of art dream come IMILI brand, we strive to do everything to be more perfect, more real, more innovative, make art dream to IMILI more profound cultural connotation .

By the domestic market has a very high concept and rich practical experience in the designer carefully planned, the European style implanted in the design concept, the selection of France, Spain, Italy, Japan, South Korea's latest upscale fabrics, launched a series of modern fashion, natural elegance, clean lines Style, make full expression of the hearts of women forever free and easy and confident.

Sports medals produced by us are made out of a metal alloy combining zinc and aluminium. As a standard we produce 3 mm thick medals, however we can produce thicker, 6 mm ones, on client`s demand.
Any shape and any graphic design are available for both one sided and double sided medals what makes each medal unique. We produce 2D and 3D sports medals. We also undertake Medals Custom Medal, Sports Medal for sports event, schools, colleges and for any award functions.

Sports Medal

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