Zhang Ziyi's perfect interpretation of De Beers diamond jewelry (Figure)

Recently, when the international movie star Zhang Ziyi attended the 12th Chinese Language Film Media Awards Presentation Ceremony, she wore a golden evening dress under the embellishment of De Beers Diamond Jewellers, demonstrating the unparalleled elegance and conquering the audience. Many guests' eyes.

Zhang Ziyi was honored with the “Chinese Film Promotion Contribution Award” at the award ceremony. She specially wore De Beers Arpeggia rose gold diamond droop earrings and the extraordinary significance of Enchanted Lotus rose gold and diamond ring. She was smart and inspired. Don't forget to see the beauty and charm of De Beers diamond jewelry.

With more than 120 years of unparalleled professional experience in the diamond field, De Beers Diamond Jewellers has witnessed the glory moments of countless actresses with unique craftsmanship and timeless designs. The De Beers Arpeggia series worn by Zhang Ziyi took full advantage of the visual impact of modern style lines - each line is made of the most crystal clear diamonds connected in series, both like a melodious vocal, but also like dancing wizard. The De Beers Enchanted Lotus collection draws its inspiration from nature, exquisite and delicate pavé diamonds vividly depict the unique style of lotus, noble and elegant.

De Beers Arepeggia Rose Gold Three Layer Earrings

Lightweight and smart design, weaving a vibrant multicolored light curtain, 146 round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Enchanted Lotus Rose Gold Ring

Inspiration comes from a quiet, pure lotus.

Azulea Series Rose Gold Ring

The horizon that witnessed the magnificent landscape of sunrise and sunset was the source of inspiration for the De Beers Azulea collection. The 2mm wide rose gold ring is decorated with a brilliant diamond, which is full of fun and romance.

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