Zhongzhou Company delivered 400,000 tons of ore ship hatch cover

At the beginning of 2012, under the leadership of Chairman Wang Jiansheng, Jiangsu Zhongzhou Offshore Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. undertook an order for 400,000 tons of the world's largest ore ship's super-large hatch, achieving a good start for business orders. After the order was signed, the owner of the ship Vale in Brazil made a factory inspection. When it was learned that a production unit on this type of hatch had passed the test of passing the test 16 times, the joy of the company’s heart turned into tremendous pressure. If it is impossible to pass the shipowner’s inspection, everything will return to zero.
In order to meet the shipowner's inspection, the Zhongzhou quickly moved up and down, and the hatch cover workshop made more effort. However, on February 3, the shipowner’s first inspection was still defeated by “there are too few on-site workers and the welding rods were not used.” The accusations and criticisms came one after another, and the frustration and self-blame that failed the factory inspection were written. The face of the boat manager. “A failed factory inspection, the second inspection must pass!” This is the collective decision made by the Zhongzhou management team after painstaking efforts. The main energy of the management personnel is concentrated on the production process and process discipline improvement of the hatch cover. Quickly implemented a series of targeted measures such as the quality reflection of the team leader and above, the re-training of the cap production process, and the implementation of the simulated shipowner inspection every day. Finally, on February 25, the shipowner’s second inspection was successfully passed. .
The rigor and meticulousness of the shipowner’s inspection showed that the middle and the bottom of the boat felt a gap and received education from the bottom of the heart. The second inspection passed smoothly, and the management team of Zhongzhou realized that as long as the effort seemed unattainable. Difficulties will eventually be solved with hard work. The 400,000-ton ore sand tank cover is 33 meters long, 22.5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep. The single hatch covers a weight of about 180 tons. The hatch features are super wide, super long and overweight, and the deformation control is difficult. Accuracy data High standard. In order to turn the opening of the business into a victory, the next production preparation, site planning, labor organization, and craftsmanship, and other pre-production preparations reflect the rigor and meticulousness of the Zhongzhou team. In particular, the production design, from the zero-based mid-boat hatch production design team to work overtime to organize the decomposition of drawings, parts drawing, typesetting nesting, the backbone staff almost leave the office after 10 o'clock every night, dinner is a box of instant noodles in the corner The quality of the production design and drawings completed according to the plan fully reflects the spirit of the Zhongzhou people who dare to fight hard and win the battle.
During the production process of the hatch cover, the technical and inspection personnel tracked from the blanking process, in order to control the precision of the main part of the hatch cover after cutting, the unloader performs 100% inspection of the main size according to the “Parts Size Checklist” ; in the group process, the area The QC performs a size and positioning check on each of the small components according to the group diagram; the technician reviews the line of the end side plates and the installation of the parts. The advantages of the equipment in the Zhongzhou plant have been maximized during the overall construction of the hatch. With two 150-ton vehicles and adjustable tire frames, we have successfully built the 400,000-ton super-large hatch cover and effectively controlled it. The accuracy of each hatch.
The first set of 400,000 tons of hatch cover was successfully delivered to Rongsheng Heavy Industry in the first half of July according to the established deadline. The company's product quality and production efficiency won the praise of Vale Shipowner, Rongsheng Shipyard and TTS. When the first batch of three hatches were inspected before welding, the shipowner’s sentence “Today’s product quality touched me” was beyond everyone’s expectations. At present, the second set of 400,000 tons of hatch cover is in the stage of final assembly inspection, the third set of ship orders has taken effect, and the fourth set of contract validity will be collected in the near future. In the "early start-up", Zhongzhou has developed a place in the field of super-large hatch production through the active efforts of team members. The development and development of any new field is crucial to the future survival and development of Zhongzhou. The smooth delivery of the 400,000-ton ore super-large hatch project proved that there is no difficulty in the world, as long as it is willing to climb!

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